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​Samara Goodman was born and raised in Manhattan and has always had an affinity for elements of structural design and aesthetics. Samara was raised in the worlds of interior design and real estate development, shaping her vision for creating spaces that have unique characteristics and timeless appeal while paying attention to function, quality, and value.

Samara worked in Manhattan at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in their jewelry production studio and for Pierre Deux, the to-the-trade luxury fabric designer. She also studied fine arts and art history in Europe, as well as art therapy in graduate school. As an interior decorator with a decade of experience, Samara's joy for design continues to grow with every new project.

Prior to her career in Interior Design, Samara worked at the U.S. Department of Education. During this previous career, Samara worked with and on behalf of individuals with disabilities, learning about accessibility, universal design, and barrier-free living environments. Samara uses knowledge and skills gained from this prior experience in both residential and commercial design projects.


Samara's passion for interior decorating is reflected in the beautiful, carefully curated surroundings that she creates. An ability to collaborate with architects, contractors, and clients has earned Samara a well deserved reputation as a true professional.


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