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Spring Home Decor

27 Tips to Welcome the Season

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your home decor and embrace the new season. With warmer weather and longer days, it’s the perfect opportunity to add a splash of color and brighten up your space. From bright floral accents to pastel-colored accessories, you can easily create a fresh and inviting atmosphere that welcomes the change of the season. 

Lastly, consider adding a few natural decorations....“Arrange branches and flowers from bushes and trees in tall glass vases to make stunning seasonal centerpieces,” says Samara Goodman, owner of Samara Interiors.

Jamie Forbes – Redfin Blog (2023)


Samara Interiors, LLC has won the NAPO-Washington, DC Metro Business Partner of the Year Award for the third year in a row! We are honored to receive this recognition again from such an outstanding organization of talented professionals.

thumbnail_award logo_2022_business partner of the year_sm.jpeg
award logo_2023_business partner of the year_sm.jpg

Samara Interiors has been voted Best Interior Designer/Home Staging Company in the ‘2022 Best of the Best’ issue of the Sun Gazette! Thank you to those who voted for us, we are sincerely thankful!


Samara Interiors is a 'Top Vote Getter' reader pick: Best Interior Designer in the Best of Arlington 2022 issue! A sincere thank you to all who voted for Samara Interiors for Best Interior Designer and to Arlington Magazine for featuring us. We are so grateful!


7 Tips for Organizing Your Charitable Giving

Tip #2: Time to Divvy It Up

This is the tricky part. This is where I personally get lost in the weeds. So I called my esteemed colleague, Samara Goodman, ASID, Owner of Samara Interiors, LLC to help me out. Samara is always volunteering for one cause or another so I knew she probably had her act together when it came to charities and she did not disappoint.

Samara told me that she first learned to organize her charitable giving about twenty years ago when she worked for the Federal government. The government has a program called the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) that allows you to use pretax dollars deducted from your paycheck toward your chosen charity. In order to take advantage of this perk, Samara learned to think ahead. Thank you US Government!


Samara’s approach is to choose 1 or 2 primary charities that she cares about and go deeper by giving more to and getting involved in those 2 charities. Her advice: “Don’t pick too many places, start with one or two … Two doesn’t mean you are doing less, it just simplifies the giving process.” Over the years those 2 core charities have changed. Right now Samara’s focus is going local and donating to charities in her Arlington, VA area that serve those in need, as well as those one-time donations when a friend makes a request on behalf of their charity.

After speaking with Samara, I felt much calmer. I love her simple approach of choosing just1 or 2 charities versus my overthinking process which leaves me with too many charities in which to keep track. Two charities or even three charities - I can do that! The only problem: I still have a bunch of pamphlets from charities and my heart is hurting. Should I just throw those away? This is too hard. Which brings me to the next tip….

Jill Katz – The One to Zen Organizing Blog (2021)

What is Cheugy Home Decor?

Experts Reveal Outdated Home Décor and Design Trends

Do you own inspirational throw pillows? Is your room decorated with chevron prints? Or maybe you have shiplap on your walls. If you answered yes to any of those, your home interior may just be “cheugy”. From name brands and music taste, to clothing trends and home decor, this new term is a catch-all word broadly used to describe something or someone’s relevance.

"Candles with toxins in them are outdated, as well as unhealthy. We understand how comforting it is for clients to use candles to create a welcoming vibe in their home, so we suggest candles that are healthier, such as beeswax ones. Ingredients we recommend staying away from are paraffin, VOCs, and synthetic dyes and fragrances, to name a few." – Samara Interiors

Julia Weaver – Redfin Blog (2021)

DR sideboard.jpg

New Uses for Old Things: Thoughts in Support of Mixing Antiques in Modern Interiors

Interior decorator Samara Goodman of Samara Interiors says, “A person’s home should weave a visual narrative about who they are and what they love. This is best executed when decor has been curated over time, or appears as such. At Samara Interiors, our specialty is expertly blending new items with existing ones to create an elegantly curated yet fresh and updated look. Some of our favorite client treasures to work with are antiques, cherished collections, travel souvenirs, family heirlooms, and sentimental items. In one design project, we skillfully incorporated the antique curio cabinet, vintage zither, heirloom rocking chair, and watercolor painting collection with contemporary new furnishings and custom accessories to create a welcoming and cohesive living room."

Sarah Reeder, ISA CAPP – Worthwhile Magazine​​

photo in photo.jpeg

How To Organize Your Sensory Clutter

Touch is omnipresent. Our body is bombarded by so many tactile sensations that we tend to block out most of them. That doesn’t mean they are not affecting us....According to interior decorator Samara Goodman of Samara Interiors, “touch is an important sense to consider when decorating, and thoughtfully layering the textures in home décor can induce calm. Using a variety of complementary textures will add balance to a room. Consider the contrast between a smooth (yet soft) sofa, plush velvet pillows, faux fur blanket, and an open-weave metal coffee table.”

Jill Katz – The One to Zen Organizing Blog

Cocozza Organizing + Design

Samara Interiors is a longtime partner of Cocozza Organizing + Design!  If you're looking for tips and inspiration for decorating your home, click here take a look at their newsletter which is chock full of good ideas!

​2020 Winter Newsletter, Volume 3

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