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Samara Interiors, LLC has won the 2021 NAPO-Washington, DC Metro Business Partner of the year award. We are honored to receive this recognition from such an outstanding organization.


New Uses for Old Things: Thoughts in Support of Mixing Antiques in Modern Interiors

Interior decorator Samara Goodman of Samara Interiors says, “A person’s home should weave a visual narrative about who they are and what they love. This is best executed when decor has been curated over time, or appears as such. At Samara Interiors, our specialty is expertly blending new items with existing ones to create an elegantly curated yet fresh and updated look. Some of our favorite client treasures to work with are antiques, cherished collections, travel souvenirs, family heirlooms, and sentimental items. In one design project, we skillfully incorporated the antique curio cabinet, vintage zither, heirloom rocking chair, and watercolor painting collection with contemporary new furnishings and custom accessories to create a welcoming and cohesive living room."

Sarah Reeder, ISA CAPP – Worthwhile Magazine​​

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How To Organize Your Sensory Clutter

Touch is omnipresent. Our body is bombarded by so many tactile sensations that we tend to block out most of them. That doesn’t mean they are not affecting us....According to interior decorator Samara Goodman of Samara Interiors, “touch is an important sense to consider when decorating, and thoughtfully layering the textures in home décor can induce calm. Using a variety of complementary textures will add balance to a room. Consider the contrast between a smooth (yet soft) sofa, plush velvet pillows, faux fur blanket, and an open-weave metal coffee table.”

Jill Katz – The One to Zen Organizing Blog

Cocozza Organizing + Design

Samara Interiors is a longtime partner of Cocozza Organizing + Design!  If you're looking for tips and inspiration for decorating your home, click here take a look at their newsletter which is chock full of good ideas!

​2020 Winter Newsletter, Volume 3