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meaningful minimalist

This bright and sunny apartment belongs to one of my lovely longstanding clients. We first worked together a decade ago on the living room and vestibule, then we moved on to a kitchen and bathroom renovation. Later on, we decorated the bedroom. During the pandemic, this client decided it was time to refresh the living room and vestibule in a more contemporary style. An uncluttered space with meaningful objects and multipurpose furnishings has been an ongoing request throughout the years. For example, the ottomans serve a triple purpose: storage, coffee table, and extra seating. Some of my favorite meaningful objects are family heirlooms such as the sleigh bells (vase filler and wall décor), sled (wall décor), and vintage ice box (storage). A highlight of the bedroom décor is a crocheted doily from the client’s childhood home. I had this framed with an orange mat to draw attention and coordinate it with the bedroom décor. This project, with its eye towards contemporary minimalism with meaning, has been a joy! 

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