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southern sorority

I bet you guessed it, this sorority’s colors are pale pink and shades of grey! Fortunately, grey sofas were available even during the supply shortages of the pandemic. The pink accessories were a little more challenging to find in-stock, but we were able to procure all of the pillows and throw blankets at Nordstrom. The most enthusiasm from the sorority members and their advisory board was regarding the rug. They love that we incorporated the sorority colors while providing durable floor tiles that can be replaced one by one if anything happens to them. The best strategy is to order 10% extra tiles just in case. The request for the furniture was simply, "make sure the pieces are durable and look good, of course.” The media console and dining and coffee tables could withstand hundreds of pounds of weight. The grey indoor/outdoor side tables are actually made of concrete. This room achieves that perfect balance of looking festive and inviting while still being able to hold up to the wear and tear of college housing and parties. 

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